How to Choose the Right Path Without Regretting

Published at 29 Dec 2019 by soywiz

Yesterday I wrote about how important is to sleep to make good important decisions.

But this sole topic has a lot of nuances to talk about.

I have myself taken tons and tons of “bad” decisions in my life, that I ended regretting. And I used to feel like that, like a bad person that couldn’t make the right choices.

Do you know that decisions are not binary? It is not like “to buy or not to buy that thing”, “to quit this job or not to quit”, “to join this effort or not to join”, “to reply with a yes or a no”.

You can decide to not buy that, but buy something else that is better or cheaper but that will suffice you enough.

You can decide to stay in a position, but to change things that will improve your daily routine.

And if you are asked to answer a “yes” or a “no”, you can still decide to not reply at all. You can still reply with “I cannot reply right now because I have not enough information yet, but please, give me some more time”.

So the number of possibilities is totally up to you, and not binary. And each path, each decision even with the slightles variations will greatly change the destination you reach.

Knowing this fact, makes taking decisions even more overwhelming, right? How could you possible take the right decision among all those almost-infinite paths?

Well, let me give you a little spoiler: you can’t.

And you can’t because there is no right decision. If you have played many videogames games, in your life you might have noticed that some of them force you to take decisions, sometimes binary decisions, and usually those decisions have a huge impact. And sometimes there is no right path, but different ones, hurting some people or another. And that’s life.

That means you should take any path without thinking? Not at all.

What you should do is to think about the implications of your actions. How? Well, like most of the other things in life: failing and learning. You cannot anticipate some things, unless you have lived them, or someone else taught you lessons about that.

So, sleep well, have in mind the things that life taught you, and make a decision with that in mind, trying to do your best to try to improve your life, and the life of your beloved ones, as well as hurting as many other people or not at all as possible. . That won’t be the right decision, just one decision.

What if it didn’t work as you expected. That’s totally ok. You used all the information you had, to do your best. You couldn’t do better. So don’t feel bad about it. Think it as an opportunity to do better next time, or to teach other people about the implications of your decisions.

I made a lot of regretful decisions in my life. But know what? I’m pretty happy with them. I learned a lot. It has not been a boring life at all. And I’m super happy to had a family, a wife, a couple of dogs and a rabbit to share all my experiences with them. Other decisions might have brought me to different places, but even way far from perfect I like my life and I love myself.

Nobody is perfect, not you, nor me. Love yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to take wrong decisions, to accept the implications and to learn from them.