Job Interviews: Things I Learnt

Published at 15 Jan 2020 by soywiz ( Sources: [1] )

I have been a few weeks doing job interviews. In the last couple of weeks I have done most of them. And it has been super stressful. Lots of people in a short period of time, most of them with great or nice proposals and in the end only one or zero possible options among them. I have seen a lot of things in this time and even if Im not going to talk about the details, Im going to focus the important things I have noticed.

Take time for yourself

I spent part of the las Thursday and Friday with my family and friends, and I spent time on myself in the weekend. You can’t possibly do things right without taking care of yourself. Otherwise you will feel as a slave and that will undermine your self-confidence and self-esteem. In fact, right know I’m relaxed in my bed enjoying writing this. Depending on how long does it take, I will later play a videogame, and will continue reading a novel or just will go to sleep and do that tomorrow :)

Be transparent and truthful

As a child, I lied from time to time, and even tried to keep a few lies during some time. Fortunately I learnt a few lessons about it. Spoiler: it is not worth. If you totally don’t want to talk about something: do not bring the topic, say that you prefer not to talk about it, or just explain your reasons. Do not invent stuff or change the past in your speeches, that will help you to be consistent. From my experience it is totally ok to talk about failures you had in the past. Not just ok, but something really positive. Just explain your reasons about your decisions and the lessons learnt.

Specific experience in technologies From all the interviews I have done, for most of them, specific knowledge about a technology was not required. Most companies understand that technologies are something changing, and that it is much more important the attitude than knowing something. And in general you can reuse most of your knowledge from simular technologies.

But for others it is more or less important. That’s okay. It doesn’t invalidate you as a candidate, or the company as contractor. Just don’t take it personally.

What companies really need

Do you know that a single toxic person can ruin a whole company even if that person is the best professional in the world? When working in companies you have to work with other people: human being with feelings. If you have an attitude of trying to highlight over other people, or to underrate other people’s work, that will lead to people around you to feel bad. That might lead to a hit in productivity or even people quitting without even knowing why do they feel bad inside the company. Positive persons can learn new technologies. But toxic people might require much more time to change, and that could happen way too late. Around 90% of the interviews I have done demonstrated having this in mind someway or another. Which is great.


Most companies have secrets. They require to keep those secrets safe for their own sake. Don’t be unelegantly disclosing that stuff if you had the privilege of getting some info. That will only hurt your own reputation for a really long time.


Each company has its own values. You will have your own. There might be some intersections, but there are values that might be in conflict. Take this in mind, and do not try to force things. And again do not take this personally.


Be yourself in all the areas of your life. Be consistent. Take decisions. Be assertive. Be calm. Accept and love yourself and don’t take things personally.


Do you know that most of the job offers are not published at all? Thats because it is usually faster and safer to make internal promotions, or to call contacts that start searching for talent outside. And that’s why there are companies like Growara, Robert Walters or GeeksHub that help companies to find people when companies couldn’t find anything themselves to no invest time in efforts not directly related to the core of the business. In my case I have worked with lots of people. Even when I failed, I learnt lessons. My attitude and effort, created a reputation that led people around me to recommend me or to directly offer me jobs. And I’m super grateful about this. Work your reputation. Regarding to networking, I have a few actions I want to take for the mid-longterm. I want to go to meetups and know new people. Even if you are super happy with your work: knowing people might help you find a new job in a few years, or to be able to recommend someone for your own company, or the company you work for.

Know what you want

I started this job of searching for a new job without knowing for sure what I wanted except for a few details. I just listened, then figured out my feelings about it. Fortunately over the interviews I have been able to determine the things that motivate me.

For example, I have determined that for this new period I prefer a physical job with people around me than a remote one.

Since on my last try I was a CTO, I had in mind that in the future I would have to grow a team, and lead some people in addition to work hard and to work closely to the business. I have been with that thorn stuck. So I guess I will want eventually to acquire and improve my skills related to teams.

I also have some personal objectives for my life. I want to pay my current place in something like 5-6 years and to eventually move me and my wife to a place that fits better our needs as a family.

I want to write a novel. I fact, I started a year ago without any rush. I did a few courses about writing and storytelling, and I’m on it. Writing posts like this one instead of focusing on just my projects is helping me to improve my skills. In the end storytelling requires to create complex characters that face problems and usually end learning life lessons. I plan to rewrite my novel with all the things I learnt and will probably publish short stories in the meantime.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Initially I was not sure to write about this kind of stuff and about personal growth, but yeah, I realized that I really want to write about this and that will also help me with my personal goals. Also there are two friends of mine that gave me positive feedback about this. So only with that, I’m really happy to be able to help people either close to me or that I don’t directly now even if they are not that much.