JsPspEmu: 2014-05-13 update with Dropbox + Speedups + More Compatibility

May 12 2014

Try it online (no downloads required)


I have updated the emulator with dropbox support for saving savegames. (Though still won’t work because the app requires approval). This will allow you to use your dropbox account to store your save games and use them in any device you own.Also in order to be able to work it requires https, and still don’t have an https cert, so it will issue a warning about an invalid certificate after authenticating first time with dropbox. Probably I will fix it in the future.Updated: already aproved!


I have done some noticeable speedups:

  • Decoding 4-bit textures should be faster now
  • I have added a small tweak that reduces noticeable delays by detecting time spended in other tasks like gpu rendering. Still a WIP but it makes games faster.

More games working:

I have tested Astonishia Story and Tales of Eternia. They both have issues with textures because the texture cache but they get ingame already.