JTransc 0.1.2

Mar 04 2016

I have just released version 0.1.2. And it is already available at maven central.


  • Fixed casting negative integers to longs.
  • Fixed some arithmetic cases in code generation.
  • Lots of cleanups and fixes.
  • Fixed maven plugin not detecting transitive dependencies.
  • Lots of reflection fixes.
  • Detect generic types for creating the class working set.
  • Fixed bug with field name collision that had $ in their names.

Implemented APIs

  • Implemented stack traces.
  • Implemented Enum.valueOf .
  • Implemented SecureRandom using javascript crypto capabilities when available.
  • Implemented lots of missing native methods: in String, StringBuilder, Short, Integer, Long, Float, Double, AbstractSet, AbstractCollection…
  • Some initial java8 work (partial support for lambdas), not full invokedynamic support (still missing default methods).


  • Added JTranscSystem.debugger to stop debugger in supported implementations like javascript.
  • Enable wrapped native values using jtransc.JTranscWrapped .
  • @JTranscReferenceClass
  • @HaxeAddAssets
  • Install haxe libraries when required.
  • Added array access bound checking.
  • Added -status to jtransc main to generate a report of the RT.
  • Removed dead code elimination for now.
  • Simplified a lot haxe code generator.
  • Simplified booleans generated code and removed dynamic casts from code generation.
  • Small runtime optimizations.

Compilation times are higher and file size bigger, but less prone to bugs for the moment. Next version will include a new version of DCE.

JTranscSystem.debugger() and JTranscSystem.assert2(boolean)

While developing sometimes we want the debugger to stop when some conditions are met. These functions will do the work. It will use javascript debugger; statement.


In order to include assets in jtransc libraries, in places where we cannot specify an assets folder, (for example a system font in a library), now we have this annotation. That allows to add assets to the output from a resource embedded into a jar.

Improvements in jtransc-media

jtransc-media project now supports virtual screen sizes, and key events.