JTransc 0.1.3

Mar 10 2016

I have just released version 0.1.3. And it is already available at maven central.


  • Objects.equals and Objects.hashCode .
  • Fixed GenericListIterator.remove() .
  • Matcher.matches() should now test the whole string.
  • Fixed Field.get and Field.set reflection with primitives.
  • Fixed Class.isAssignableFrom(class) with interfaces in as3.
  • Fixed String.valueOf(long) .

Java RT implemented stuff

  • Implemented AbstractStringBuilder , StringBuilder and StringBuffer missing methods.
  • Implemented missing Short , Integer , Long , Float and Double native methods.
  • Implemented some Character missing methods.
  • Implemented all String missing methods.
  • Implemented some Objects methods.
  • Implemented Arrays.binarySearch() .
  • Implemented Field.set* and Field.get* methods.
  • Implemented some more Date methods and constructors.
  • Partially implemented SimpleDateFormat .


  • Some misc optimizations.
  • ArrayList<T> native implementation (now uses haxe Array which uses target native arrays or vectors).
  • Optimized some Objects methods.
  • Some Math and StrictMath methods inlined (redirections to haxe Math ).
  • Improved System.out and System.err .

Additions to jtransc-rt-core

  • Added JTranscSystem.elapsedTime() .
  • JTranscSystem.debugger , now works on flash too.


  • Lime now doesn’t embed assets, so it load them asynchronously.
  • HaxeBaseArray.checkBounds just enabled on debug builds
  • Lots of simplifications
  • Removed ClassMappings code. Now just uses @Haxe annotations.


Now jtransc runtime reporter, also gives information about methods marked as native which don’t have @HaxeMethodBodyannotation, to identify missing functionality.