JTransc 0.1.4 – Pre-Inception!

Mar 21 2016

I have just released version 0.1.4. And it is already available at maven central.

This version allows jtransc to transcompile itself (it compiles, though still not fully working; can’t make two levels of inception).


  • Fixed Short.swap16
  • Fixed HaxeNatives.toNativeString when string is null
  • Fixed travis; now executing tests (before it was not executing tests and just checking that it compiles)
  • Fixed compilation with decapitalized classes (haxe enforces capitalized class names)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented java constructor dynamic instantiaton to not call haxe constructor and thus constant fields not being initialized
  • Fix infinite recursion on constructors (now constructors and static constructors prepend class name to its name, so you it call the constructor it require without inheritance interfering)
  • Fixed FastMemory byte order running on JVM
  • Fixed a compilation bug with two synthetic fields with the same name in the same class
  • Fixed comparisons between an interface and java.lang.Object
  • Fixed interfaces containing one or more Object methods
  • Added try, catch and finally keywords, so with kotlin or other JVM language allowing arbitrary names, it will work

Java RT implemented stuff

  • Implemented Object.clone
  • Implemented System.exit and System.getenv
  • Implemented System: emptySet, emptySortedSet, emptyNavigableSet, emptyList, emptyMap, emptySortedMap, emptyNavigableMap, singleton, list, frequency and disjoint
  • Implemented lots of FileSystem stuff
  • Implemented System.getProperty with default, System.setProperty and System.cleanProperty
  • Implemented ZipFile stuff
  • Added some java.util.concurrent collections and stuff (without actually being concurrent since jtransc is single threaded)

Additions to jtransc-rt-core

  • JTranscSyncIO make abstract implementations, so they are easily overridable
  • Implemented synchronous IO in nodejs
  • Added Inflater implementation
  • Support HaxeNatives.rethrow in some more targets
  • Unified FileSystem stuff into something that can be overriden from jtransc and with a default implementation that currently works on nodejs


  • Updated jtransc-main
  • Updated to kotlin 1.0.1
  • Added inception project, so you can compile jtransc using jtransc (potentially recursively)
  • Added much more tests