JTransc 0.1.5 – Inception, JNA and more!

Mar 25 2016

I have just released version 0.1.5. And it is already available at maven central.

This version allows jtransc to transcompile itself, and transcompiled version (tested with c++ and javascript works and are able to compile other stuff).

Furthermore, this version implements Dynamic Proxies and includes initial/partial support for including C++ sources and FFI-JNA.


  • Hugely optimized StringBuilder on huge builds using haxe StringBuf that populates an array of chunks until toString that just makes a .join(“”)


  • JTransc mojo should resolve compile + runtime scopes
  • Fixed new String(char[], int, int) and String(int[], int, int) constructors
  • Fixed HaxeIO not compiling on non-js targets
  • Fixed HaxeNatives.getenvs
  • Fixed HaxeNatives.rethrow on other targets than js
  • Fixed createBuffer on non js targets
  • Fixed Double.isFinite and Double.isInfinite
  • Fixed Double.toString on infinites
  • Fixed Double.toString
  • Fixed JTranscSystem for php/python targets
  • Fixed == and != operators on flash on two different instance types
  • Fixed CMPL str
  • Fixed Mem on flash target

Implemented stuff

  • Lots of java.security.* dummy classes
  • Now you can use synchronous IO and filesystem calls in node.js and sys targets
  • Added java.lang.ThreadLocal
  • Added java.lang.annotation.Inherited
  • Added dummy java.net.URLClassLoader
  • Support zip flag DescriptorUsedMask
  • Implemented Collections.enumeration
  • Implemented Hashtable using HashMap
  • Implemented fast versions for HashMap, HashSet, LinkedMap, LinkedSet, TreeMap and TreeSet
  • Some more work on collections #22
  • Added com.sun.jna.Native to rt, overriding jna so you can use it normally
  • Dynamic Proxies with one interface (java.lang.reflect.Proxy)
  • Some work on java.lang.reflect.Array
  • Implemented some Character missing methods
  • Implemented process builder on sys targets
  • Implemented Class.getComponentType()
  • Added java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError

JTransc additions

  • HaxeNatives implemented mapToObject, added iteratorToArray
  • Some more JTranscSystem.is*
  • HaxeNatives.checkNotNull that check null pointers in every field access or call in debug mode and throws NullPointerException when required.
  • Some more JTtranscSyncIO methods
  • Improved HaxeNatives.outputLog and errorLog on sys targets
  • Added StdCall annotation so you can call windows functions
  • Added HaxeMeta annotation
  • Some work on dynamic loading (LoadLibrary + dlopen)


  • Moved lot of stuff from HaxeNatives to specified places
  • Some cleanups
  • Moved ReentrantLock to the right package
  • Updated soot to 2.5.0-2
  • Some work implementing io stuff on sys targets


This class allows to wrap any haxe object into something that Java can use. Now it includes “get”, “set”, “invoke” and “toString” methods to access fields, call methods or serialize that haxe object.


This annotation allows you to specify haxe meta (raw haxe annotations) directly. That allows you to define some hxcpp special annotations and call C/C++ code from it.


When defining JNA libraries, you must use this annotation to specify functions that uses the __stdcall convention. Since function calls are determined at compile-time and we are not going to generate dynamic code, we need this annotation.

New examples

  • EMBED AND CALL C using HaxeMeta
  • Use JNA to call window’s kernel32 functions
  • Inception: transcompile jtransc with jtransc