JTransc 0.2.6 – Gradle support and fixed gdx backend

May 24 2016

I have just released version 0.2.6. And it is already available at maven central.

This version features a still-experimental gradle plugin you can find more information on the wiki.

Also this version, fixes the GDX backend, and now cuboc demo works on HTML5 and C++ targets (windows, linux, mac, android, ios…) out of the box with a single jtransc backend. Cuboc now provides a build.gradle script that will allow you to package easily for several targets using gradle.

  • Fixed a bug in Float.floatToIntBits not working property on C++ (getting bits from a double instead of a float) so yielded completely wrong results. That was the one causing the GDX black screen on C++ targets.
  • This version also adds the method JTranscSystem.getAllClasses() as requested here .
  • Added @JTranscNativeName annotation to be able to specify a custom name for fields and methods on native classes.
  • Fixed a bug related with native classses + @JtranscKeepName + cache.
  • Added experimental com.jtransc.experimental.Wrapper typed wrapper for native classes.
  • Added support for 32-bit floats on C++ (could reduce memory size and in some cases improve performance).
  • gdx-backend-jtransc now detects android and ios ( Gdx.app.getType() )
  • gdx-backend-jtransc now handles touch events