JTransc 0.6.0: C++ with gc, AS3, Dart targets and tons of improvements

May 20 2017


New features

  • @Intrigus: C++ target with GC continuing the work on @dsp-omen that created the initial c++ target
  • AS3 target (BigTest passes)
  • Dart target (BigTest passes)
  • Prevent generating runtime invisible annotations
  • Added com.jtransc.io.async package to handle asynchronous I/O
  • Improved com.jtransc.js.JsDynamic


  • Some refactorings at CommonGenerator
  • @JTranscNativeName now supports a target field to have a class has different types on different targets


  • @SergeyLabutin – Static initialization fixes
  • @SergeyLabutin – Some thread work on Haxe/CPP
  • Handle template references inside @JTranscCallSiteBody

Implemented features

  • @SergeyLabutin – Implemented Class.getGenericSuperclass


  • Better output quality (less casts), still left
  • Lightly improved compile time
  • Improved StringBuilder runtime in all targets
  • Improved slightly performance on all targets (simplifying Object construction)
  • D put strings at compile-time since Object construction no longer require runtime
  • C# implemented genStmSetArrayLiterals reducing output size and startup time
  • Rework on Haxe arrays and casts specially in C++ for a major performance boost
  • Implemented Haxe-C++ goto hack for even better performance on loops


  • Array casts are now deprecated and removed, because that requirement was slowing down some implementations. In the future we will explore other options. For now, please use Mem/FastMemory* classes.
  • Deprecated { % FIELD % } and { % METHOD % } (replaces to NAME ) in favour of { % IFIELD % } and { % IMETHOD % } (replaces to .NAME or ['NAME'] in JS just when required and works with minification)
  • Deprecated @JTranscNativeClass that was redundant due to @JTranscNativeName .