JTransc 0.6.8

Jan 14 2018

0.6.8 (2018-01-14)

New features:

  • ALL: Improved generated code (now new + constructor is joined), this also improves calling native code and fixes #134
  • JS: String concatenation (new ArrayBuilder+append+toString chain) is now optimized (less code and better performance)
  • HAXE-CPP: Support Haxe-Cpp synchronized blocks
  • JS: Support Threads in JS using await/async (disabled by default because of performance impact)
  • JS: Now targets to ES6 with classes since it is mainstream already
  • Implement Object.wait/notify/notifyAll + Semaphore using Object facilities
  • ALL: Added JTranscTargetClassImpl to remap a class depending on the target (similar to ServiceLoader approach but simpler)


  • Gradle: Fixed newer gradle versions that output different language classes in different directories.
  • Fixed order of Side effects in several cases in D and C++ targets


  • Thread improvements in all targets

Performance Improvements:

  • @SergeyLabutin Reflection Cache


  • @SergeyLabutin Support lime.net.HTTPRequest
  • @SergeyLabutin Missing ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor.submit
  • @SergeyLabutin Updated lime to 5.4.0
  • Updated Kotlin to 1.2.10
  • Updated Gradle to 4.4.1
  • Update plugin-publish-plugin to 0.9.9