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KorGE 2.1: From 100K to 800K fast sprites

Apr 30 2021

KorGE 2.1 that will be released soon, will include potential new performance improvements for high performance use cases.

In fact originally the sprites10k sample was able to handle 10k at over 100fps, after that FastSprite was introduced and we included a bunnymark that can reach 100k at near 100fps, and now with KorGE 2.1 we will be able to handle 800k sprites at over 100fps (limited by GPU), and for the first time reach around 30fps on JS (where original Pixi.JS bunnymark can reach only 2fps) and around 50fps with 800k sprites in Kotlin/Native too with new Kotlin/Native 1.5.0 optimizations!

But how did I manage to reach that level of performance? Let’s dig into it: