I has been more than a year since the last update.

In this time I have been writing in spanish in a community that I created about kotlin: kotlin.es.

I used this weekend and today that is a public holiday to migrate my blog from Blogger to Jekyll. It has been a pretty tedious task, and if I had to do this again I would probably try to automate the task, converting from html to markdown as well as downloading the images.

In general what I have done is to convert the html that blogger generates, that is pretty bad even for a wysiwyg editor, and convert it into markdown. I wanted to use the migration to make the content as clean as possible. I have used to-markdown to automate a bit the process, but it kept a lot of html without converting, even when my objective was to simplify markdown as much as possible. Also I had to download all the images from blogger’s cdn to the repo.

For the whole process I have used Visual Studio Code 1.6.1 and wget.

And I have placed the code at github as I’m doing lately with my development blogs.

The good thing is that even in the case github stops using jekyll in the future or even serving static pages, jekyll allows to generate an static website easily and doesn’t use a database; all its files are plain files.

As far as I know all the content is already migrated, now I will migrate all the blogger comments to disqus, and little by little I will polish the template so it looks cooler.