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Now I'm using notion for this blog + notion2jekyll tool for sponsors

Sep 02 2022

The problem

Lately I wanted to start writing more blog posts, but writing them in markdown is not really comfortable nor fast to do:

  • I have to be on the computer
  • Open an IDE
  • Manually create a file
  • Copy the template
  • Set the properties
  • Then I have to manually create and copy the images to the folder and reference them
  • And finally commit and push
  • 🤯

I still don’t want to deal with databases, backups, nor use wordpress or anything that will definitely kill my server, and ghost was somehow fine with a sqlite, but still required backups, and doesn’t support plugins, so it cannot support the kind of sponsored content I want to publish, the way I want, and the flexibility I want in terms of page generation. So I want to still keep using my landinger (compatible kotlin-based jekyll) approach.