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Published at Fri, 12 Nov 2010 00:00:00 UTC by soywiz

I have finally decided to open a progressional blog about programming and design. I already had a PHP blog, and I have tried a few times about technical topics on my personal blog. But in the end I have decided that it is better to have an unified blog with all this stuff. ![](/img/phpElegante.png) I will treat topics related to PHP, D, HTML 5, JavaScript, Flash/ActionScript 3 and Java. In addition I will write about interesting things about new technology.
Me he decidido finalmente a abrir un blog profesional de programación y diseño. Ya tenía un blog de PHP, y he tratado en diversas ocasiones temas técnicos en mi blog personal. Pero al final he decidido que es más conveniente hacer un blog unificando todas esas cosas. ![](/img/phpElegante.png) Trataré temas relacionados con PHP, D, HTML 5, JavaScript, Flash/ActionScript 3 y Java. Además escribiré cosas que crea interesantes sobre nuevas tecnologías en general.