Project DIVA F - Cat Food - on Elliptical Bike

Published at Mon, 08 Mar 2021 00:00:00 UTC by soywiz

Today I’m starting a new section for my sponsors!

This is something I always wanted to do! But never figured out how to record it properly. This is my motivating way for doing cardio myself. I’m aware that the action is not centered, but I’ll try to fit it better on the next video.

This is the first song of Project DIVA F from the PSVITA.

I will try to reach EXCELLENT or GREAT on all the remaining songs on EXTREME (or HARD if that’s too much for me) in the coming weeks and months :)

I will publish the rest of the videos to my 15$+ sponsors!

Do you want help me with my KorGE Game Engine, while keeping me healthy and not dying from a sedentary lifestyle, but still being able to eat some food (not Cat Food please!), and stopping the bank from preventing me having a refuge roof on raining days?

Do you want that? Me too!

BTW, this is my setup:

I tried a lot of ways for recording this, with tripods and different angles, but know what? Simple stuff works better. An old Clothes Rack with removed wheels + an amazon cardboard with a cut to embed my phone embedded did the trick lol

In the case you are wondering: I’m starting this challenge with a weight of 90Kg. I’ll post the progress on this matter if I don’t die by sedentarism, dizziness, COVID, lack of food or too much exercise. But well, the last time I did this, it worked, so I have some hopes about surviving this.