pspemu (II)

Published at Thu, 21 Jan 2010 00:00:00 UTC by soywiz

I have continuing coding the emulator. It is true that the previous version was already emulating homebrew, and the interface was pretty cool. But the total absence of testing from the beginning, made that version to totally fail.


Emulation was buggy. Bugs that were not happening for a known reason, and that happened executing way too large program. In addition, I was executing hem using the debugger included in the emulator. Yeah, it was pretty, but debugging step by step something that you don’t know what it is, it was super anti-productive.

Each small problem required to invest a lot of time. By them I had a lot of time, but still I was a single person.

The additional problem was that even if I located the problem, nothing prevented from that bug reappearing againin the future after a refactoring, even if I was testing each time I made changes.

I remember that a lot of times after changing something, I tried a couple of homebrews and I though that that was not negatively affecting. But later, I was aware that it caused a problem after tried another ones, and I had to review all the changes between revisions that I “thought” was causing the problem.

And this is not going to happen again even if I’m a single person, at least not that much.