PspEmu r164: Third Release

Published at Wed, 30 Jun 2010 06:35:00 UTC by soywiz

After several months, another release of this emulator with a buch of new improvements:

  • Implemented basic Vfpu stuff!! Now cubevfpu, NeHe and some other demos are working.
  • GPU speed and compatibility improvements. TRXKICK+Lighting+other fixes and improvements. For example cavestory runs 10fps faster.
  • Sound enabled by default and could be enabled/disabled while running. Still sounds very bad.
  • Lots of new NIDs implemented.
  • Fixed arguments passed to the programs. Now PSPTrist and some other homebrews using arguments start working.
  • Improved unittesting to avoid regressions.
  • Added a menu option to associate psp files to the emulator.
  • Clean ups. Small fixes. And much more…

Again, can’t load commercial games, but have much more compatibility with homebrews.

Also, I have created a mini project similar to luaplayer but with the squirrel language. I didn’t release it yet, but you can test it in the svn: /extra/squirrel. It has automatic background resource loading. 2D Sprites/Bitmaps+Slicing, TileMaps+A* Pathfinding, IntraFont and Sqlite database. Enjoy.

As always you can follow the changes from google code and download the D Pspemu r164 build for windows.