Why Should You Sleep Before Making Decisions That Matter?

Published at 28 Dec 2019 by soywiz

Have you ever heard the advice of not buying anything immediately in a compulsive way?

This is because we are continuously exposed to advertisements, and people trying to sell us things. The better the advertisers knows the human psychology, the more effective. And nowadays it is even worse, since free (and even paid) products are tracking our actions, reactions and behaviours. So it is getting more and more effective and it works a lot of times.

You can of course still buy things, and you shouldn’t feel bad about that. But it is better to wait a bit to determine if you really need that. Maybe if you wait a week, or a month, and after then you still think it is worth your money (and you can afford it), just buy it.

Important decisions: the ones that can change your own lifestyle, or impact the life of other persons, are the same.

When us people are angry, sad, disappointed or extremely happy, we are seeing things in a different, distorted way. In the end we don’t see reality, but we interpret it, and sentiments affect the way we interpret our reality.

Sleeping well, and thus disconnecting allows us to go back to a less distorted feeling. After sleeping, we can analyze things better, being less biased to negativism or positivism, and make a better decision.

So you should never do things like finishing a relationship, quiting a job, accepting a telemarketing contract, buying a house or a car, adopt a pet, to live abroad, or any other myriad things that can have an important impact, while being biased (by too much optimism, too much pessimism, anger or other feelings) and before sleeping well.

Then you should accept the good and bad consequences. But that’s another post.