The Pricess of the Realm of Opportunities

Published at Wed, 05 Oct 2005 00:00:00 UTC by soywiz

Legend has it that a young woman about to die in the sigh of a memory, screamed. Screamed. And she screamed that loud, with such power and emphasis that her echo went through all the planes of existence reaching the ears of the god of creation. That God, surprised and moved by the force emanating from that memory, had an idea for its next creation: The Realm of Opportunities.

Nowadays not too far from here, in the Realm of Opportunities, lives a dreamy princess. She spends the whole day dreaming, imagining new places, exciting experiences, adventures to live.

It is told that in the Ream of Opportunities, all the mistakes can be amended. The shadows of the past; and the torments of the future, have no place here. People born in the Ream of Opportunities, since they start living, until they die, live with hope. They know that even if they make a mistake, they will have another opportunity in the future to amend their mistakes, dispell their sorrows, and atone their souls.

Even knowing this, all the people there are taught since their childhood to not make use of this privilege, since all of us know: nothing is forever

– Good morning – said one of the servants to the princess. – It is already noon, you should get up; it is a beautiful day, ideal for a walk.

– I don’t feel like it – were the brief words of the princess.

The servant, finished placing the clean clothes on the bureau and left discreetly. Deep down she understand her. She understand why the princess ended being like that. She knew her since she was a child. He had seen her grow and become a little woman. Her father, the king, too busy with the kingdom’s matters don’t have time to spend with her child. And the queen… you can say that he pressed her too much.

He had recently proclaimed the princess’s future wedding. Even when she hadn’t even been able to love anyone! She would need to choose a suitor from the many that would come in the coming weeks. Oh! Poor little princess!

Later, once the princess was in the end alone at her room, she got up of her bedroom and while she was stretching she was thinking about how thrilling would be to travel to other kingdoms, see the exotic and marvelous things that were hidden there so she can return here to tell everyone.

Her lips let out a sigh of resignation that brought her back to reality, letting her at the same time, hear the atmosphere that was cooking at the entrance of the palace: it seems that some suitors arrived already.

– I have no interest in meeting them.

The princess used to go down to the street for a walk, sneaking out of the palace and mixing with the plebs. Almost everytime she was down, she saw a lonely and quiet boy from afar, away from the rest of children who played and laughed. — I wonder what he is doing there alone everyday. It is like if he was hiding from something or someone.

This time, the princess got a little closer to the strange boy to discover what was doing he there all the days. When she got closer she discovered that… He was throwing stones at the palace! – Ey you!, what do you think you are doing?! – said the princess incensed – I hate. I totally hate that place. – I live there! – said the princess. – Oh yeah? – Answered the boy. – And… How is it? – It is a marvelous place. And you shouldn’t throw stones. – Said the proud princess – Suddenly, the boy turned with an unexpected smile and told the princess: – Do you want to take a walk with me and talk? – No – said the princess shortly ( even when she wanted to talk a lot with anyone) – I have to do some stuff at the palace. – The boy’s face was sad while replied a simple: – Understood – And almost without finishing saying it, looked at the palace with a sigh and turning softly he walked away without saying anything while looking at the floor. Abstracted.

Next day the princess sneaked out of the palace again to check if the boy returned here to make bad things again, or if he realized what he could do and what not. As the Princess suspected, he was there already. But this time he was not throwing stones. Was he… crying? The princess started to walk in his direction and without completely reaching him, he found out that the boy almost completely motionless, and turning his back to the princess wiped away his rage, despair, and resentment tears and said: — Well, welll… If it is the “princess”!! What are you doing here, mixing up with the rabble? Why don’t you return to your “marvelous” palace?! — The princess was standing up with her eyes like disks. On that moment she felt that nobody ever talked to her with such lack of respect, but she kept silent. She approached a bit more until the projected shadow of her straight body from the sunset sun, blended with the one from the sitted boy. And while she was settling along him, the boy said while subbing — “I—I’m sorr—ry” — The princess looked at him with a mix of suprise and a strange understanding — I had a bad day, I shouldn’t have said that. – This time, the boy suddently got up and ran out spilling tears while running; tears that saw reflected on the eyes of the princess.

Days passed by. The princess left the palace every single day at the same time secretly, and postponing her decision. When leaving she always looked at the same place. With hope; Vain hope, since her expectations were never met. Weren’t we in the realm of the opportunities? Why didn’t she have a chance to see him again? She wanted to know why he started crying the other day. Why did he leave so suddenly. What would have happened to him …?

One day like any other, except because it was a little more hopeless than the rest, the princess came out again of the castle and looked at the same place she had been looking at for several weeks, hoping to see what had seen all the previous days. This time he was there! He had returned! The princess ran from where she was, smiling, up to where the boy was, although she was slowing down and losing the smile on her face (She had to calm down. It was not princess—like to show joy in such a blatant way, stooping herself.)

— I’m glad to see that you have decided to stop throwing stones at the castle, behaving properly — said the princess with a casual voice. — I’m already resigned. Now I feel much better — he said. — Why didn’t you come all this time? … I mean … before, I always saw you around here and since that day you haven’t come back.

— I’ve had a lot of things to do. I came here to “disconnect”, to escape from the world, you know? I would like to see the world, live new experiences, adventures! But it is impossible for me. I can only dream knowing that I can never fulfill my wishes, my illusions … — (I also want to live adventures!) thought the princess although in reality her “status” only allowed her to say — You have to accept reality as it is given to us.

— Yes, I suppose that’s the case … — Suddenly the princess noticed the boy. He was a very well—planted boy. And he was quite handsome. She had seen prettier boys in her life, but the resignation smile he put on at that moment, gave him an interesting air. — By the way … why were you sad the other day? — …

— And…? — … My parents want… me to get married. An arranged wedding … you could say. But I do not want to! I don’t want to marry a person I don’t love! That is not in my heart … Besides that if I get married With that person … I never will be able to fulfill my dreams. — I understand you — said the princess with a smile that the boy interpreted completely different to what her lips said. — I’m also going to have to get married necessarily with a suitor soon …

– I have to go…, said the boy. This was my last chance to be here.

Next week I will get married because my parents want it and they cannot wait me to find someone who loves and truly loves me. — Lowering his head he said — Thank you very much for waiting me all this time. For being with me that day when I was feeling so bad. And for trying to understand me.

— He got up gently and started walking slowly, as if expecting something and not wanting to leave. — (Wait !, I also want to live adventures !, Stay a little longer with me !, I am …, I’m not … please …) — Those were the princess’s thoughts. Thoughts that didn’t come out of his mouth even if they were more intense than she could have ever recognized. The boy entered in the palace disappearing through a threshold of darkness that hid his face. A face that the princess would not see again. A face that reflected everything the princess had been unable to express. A face that he left a wet trail at the castle gates.

Then the princess understood everything, just like the moon that she watched from the sky.

"The kings of this kingdom only have one descendant. The prince will be married next week."

The wedding day came, the prince left the palace with a false and forced smile. In the end, his parents got away with it. He would marry a woman he did not love. One that had never been in his heart: The princess of the kingdom of desire. The “princess” of the kingdom, looked at the castle from her humble little house trying to hold back her tears as she listened to the wedding music. She couldn’t hold them. But the music muffled any external sounds, so the echo of tears falling on the ground could not be heard beyond her contracted heart. The lies of her fantasies and her self—pity had betrayed her.

On the day of the king's death and after the prince's coronation, the king declared that from that moment the kingdom would be renamed, to the kingdom of the desired opportunities . Several months after all those events, in the heart of the prince, a young woman about to die in the sigh of a memory, screamed... screamed...

"I would like another chance"

This story is dedicated to all the memories lost in hearts ... who want to scream and be heard.

The god of creation although he was very sad for the devastating story that that memory shouted, He couldn't change the past, and since he hadn't gotten along with the god of time for eons, He did the only thing he could do and that was also what he was best at... creating. And he got to work... first he had to get them to meet again... the prince he hardly left the palace, so he created two letters, one for the prince and one for the girl and placed them in places where both could see them... No one knows for sure what he had written in those letters, but at the sunset the next day, in the back of the palace stood the prince (now king) and the girl holding hands, talking with their faces wet, and a smile on their faces that did not match the tears at all that played on his cheeks. Before the sun came up again, they were both gone leaving a trail of footsteps heading towards the horizon. The current queen of the kingdom of desired opportunities did not mourn the loss of the prince as she had only married him out of interest. So she remarried to the king of another country to enrich herself even further. Maybe someday we will see the king who stopped being king to fulfill his dreams with the person that he loved, and the girl who in the end managed to be honest with herself leaving behind her pride to fulfill their dreams with the person she also loved, and tell us about the wonders they lived on the journey to the thousand and one worlds they passed through.

Something mysterious happened at that time; She didn't know what it was, but she felt an innate force that turned off all her tears dropping by her face and with a serenity out of the ordinary, came out to the street, towards the place where the wedding was taking place. He couldn't allow that to happen, it might be too late but he had to try. The bride and groom were already at the altar, and they were about to say "yes". At that time she remembered a story she heard from a bard in which another girl was coming to a wedding at the last moment and... No. Not this time. She was not going to let the fantasies take her present as they already did with HER past. "If anyone has an objection, speak now or ..." — NO! wait ... — "daughter, what is the reason why do you think these two young people shouldn't get married? "—" you see ... I ... love him "— he said pointing to the prince. It came out quite naturally ... She didn't think she was capable of saying it, but it was actually very easy. The entire room turned and stared at her as she advanced towards the altar and his beloved Prince. A few steps from the prince, she stood up and bowed his head. With what grace she rubbed the tip of the standing with the ground! And also how gracefully she swung his body from left to right with his hands intertwined on her back and a natural pink paint on her cheeks! Yes ... with what grace she did it until the moment when she jumped on the prince, throwing him to the ground, without releasing him, and filling his face with water. Yes ... salty water that spilled from the girl's eyes but that despite its taste all attendees would say they were sweet tears. As sweet as the look that the girl and the prince exchanged. From the first rows, a voice could be heard: It seems that we are going to have another princess — said the king — yup, so it seems — answered the queen with a smile. What the kings did not know was that the princes would end up leaving the kingdom in search of adventure for a thousand and one worlds, to fulfill their dreams together.